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Magnetic loop suspension

Suspension with textile ribbon and sew-in magnets
Author: Dominik Funk, Fürth, Germany
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Textile ribbon suspension

During my last camping trip I mostly missed places to hang up stuff under the motorhome awning. My idea of using magnetic hooks didn't work out due to a lack of even metal surfaces. The next best solution: Suspending objects with magnets sewn into textile ribbon.

I will show below how to make them. First, you need the following material:
  • 6 small block magnets, e.g. Q-10-05-03-N
  • Thin textile ribbon
    (available in bulk at home improvement stores)
  • Sewing thread
  • Adhesive tape


Arrange three slim block magnets next to each other and wrap them with adhesive tape.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Alternatively, you can also use one individual larger magnet of about the same dimension and similar adhesive force, e.g. Q-30-10-05-N: Block magnet 30 x 10 x 5 mm.
Now cut the textile ribbon to the desired size (15-30 cm), fold it and sew it into a tube.
Sew a cross seam on both sides 2 cm before the end of the ribbon, which will ensure that the magnets stay in place later on. Then, insert the first of the two magnet packs in one of the tube endings ...
... and fasten it with another cross seam. The magnet pack is now locked in between two seams and cannot shift anymore.
Before you do the same with the second magnet pack, check for the correct orientation of the magnets: Make sure the packs lay exactly on top of each other and attract each other.
When the second tube ending is closed as well, the suspension is ready. If you use the material as indicated, the magnetic band should easily hold a weight of 3 kg.

A tip:
If you want to save on the sewing, you can also use a slim belt strap, fold over the ends and sew them up. In any event, make sure the ribbon/belt is not too thick, which would greatly reduce the adhesive force of the magnets.