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Iron in cornflakes?

Does cereal keep its advertised promise?
Author: Gerben S., Beernem, Belgium
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The labels of cereal boxes often state "contains vitamins and iron". If this holds true for the iron can be easily tested with magnets.

Required utensils

  • a ladle
  • Now it's time to lay hands on the cereal - mash it with the ladle into tiny crumbs. Empty the crumbs on the sheet of paper.
    Then you place the magnets under the paper underneath the crumbs. Slowly move the magnets away from the crumbs. With a little bit of luck you can soon see a silver-grey substance that you can isolate on the side. That is the iron that we need, among other things, for the oxygen transport in our blood. The ad did not lie for once!
    If you like, you can still eat the crumbs...