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Hose on grinder

This hose stays where it is needed
Author: André H., Iserlohn, Germany
Online since: 07/08/2008, Number of visits: 288031
I work on a grinding machine. After each grinding process I need to rinse the grinding table. I did not have the opportunity to hang up the hose nearby.
Super magnets helped me to implement a new solution.
I used a standard cable tie and drilled a small hole into it.
Thereafter, I fit a M4 screw through the hole...
... and attached a pot magnet type TCN-16 to it.
Then, I attached the cable tie (e.g. Cable ties 200 mm or Cable ties 400 mm) to the end of the hose.
Now, I can easily hang up the hose on the machine. It sticks like a limpet :-)