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Hanging up a power strip

Flexible mounting thanks to magnets
Author: Denis Becker, Hombourg-Haut, France
Online since: 05/12/2011, Number of visits: 204452
I have several devices on the fridge that I plug into a power strip. It is important to me to be able to cut off electricity and save energy, especially when the TV is not in use. I didn't want to hang the power strip on the wall or let it collect dust on the floor.
I had a better idea. I glued four rod magnets S-05-08-N in the cavities on the bottom side of the power strip.
Note from the supermagnete team: If your power strip doesn't have any cavities, you can also glue strong self-adhesive disc magnets (links below) to the strip's backside.
Now, the multi-outlet power strip is attached to the side of the fridge. That makes it easy to cut off electricity and prevent stand by energy losses.

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