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Hanger for a Roof Box in the Garage

Whereto with the big roof box? - Onto the ceiling!
Author: Frank Breter, Teutschenthal, Germany
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I don't like to keep the bulky roof box on top of my car all the time. When it is not in use I store it on the ceiling of our carport.
The underside of the roof box contains a galvanized metal support along the full length of the box - perfect for attaching strong magnets.
I screwed 4 pot magnets to the wooden beams on the ceiling. Exact placement was important for alignment with the metal bars.
Now I can hang up the 20 kg heavy roof box without help on the magnets!
Note from the supermagnete team: Hanging up such a heavy box is dangerous! Please make sure that the magnets and the metal bar have sufficient contact area and review our safety tips.