Flexible weekly rota

Magnetic work plan for at home
Author: C. Wittwer, Switzerland
In an effort to better organise my children's duties and activities, I created a weekly rota on a magnetic wall.
This way, the children can see what they still have left to do for the day and the whole week.
Everything they have already completed can be taken down from the wall. This visualises beautifully what still needs to be done.
The background is a standard magnetic board, here for instance 65 x 45 cm.
Note from the supermagnete team: The cards would also look great on a black magnetic board.
I made the cards by printing suitable 5 x 2.5 cm symbols on a thicker cardboard. I laminated the cards to keep them looking nice for longer.
I attached a self-adhesive disc magnet to the backside of the laminate cards. They adhere nicely to the magnetic board and can be easily stacked.

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