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Flag holder for the balcony

Fastening flags on the balcony railing
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Hanging up flags with magnets

The balcony railing is a great place to display flags to show your support for your favourite sports team or celebrate a national holiday.
Since permanent mounting with drilling and screws is not allowed in most rented flats, magnets are a fast, simple and flexible solution. There are several methods we would like to show you.
The easiest way to do it is with disc magnets that fasten the fabric on the top of the balcony railing.
This method has the advantage that all country flags are displayed the right way (grommets are usually located on the long side of the flag, so most flags are rotated by 90°).
Important: To prevent magnets from rusting, use rubberised or teflon-coated neodymium magnets.
In this example we used disc magnets with teflon-coating.
If you are supporting more than one team, you can quickly exchange the country flags in between matches with carabiner magnets, protected by rubber caps. The carabiners are hooked into the flag grommets. Two magnets are sufficient for most banners.
These magnets are not waterproof and should be removed when not in use to avoid rusting.

Magnetic wooden flag holder

Application from customer Richard Rehmann from Switzerland:
I built 10 flag holders for our balcony. My father had the manual skills, I had the idea and supermagnete.fr the right magnets.
The wooden flag holders are hand-made and have 4 pot magnets CSN-25 embedded on the backside, which provide for an adhesive force of about 68 kg and protection during wind gusts. The magnetic holders are attached to the vertical metal bars of the balcony.
Experience has shown that the flag holders don't move even during heavier winds. The wooden slabs that the flags are attached to are the weak links as they break during heavy wind gusts.
Backside of the flag holder with 4
Backside of the flag holder with 4 CSN-25
Front side of the flag holder
Front side of the flag holder
Note from the supermagnete team: Our CSN magnets are designed for dry indoor use. Extended use outdoors may cause them to rust. Good alternatives are ferrite pot magnets, for instance CSF-40 or CSF-48 with a similar adhesive force as CSN-25.
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