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Fastening a shower curtain

Magnet solution for bathrooms with or without tub
Author: Mattia Fabbri, Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy
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Table of Contents

Span the shower curtain in the tub

Even in the bathtub the wet shower curtain sometimes clings to your body. There are two simple solutions with magnets:
1) Attach magnets
Just place some waterproof neodymium magnets along the seem of the curtain. After the shower collect the magnets and store them someplace close by for the next time.
2) Sew in magnets
Sew several sew-in magnets into the seam of the shower curtain. Thanks to the plastic cover the magnets won't rust even after years of usage and can even be washed.

Fastening curtain without bathtub

You don't have a tub in your bathroom and hate it when the shower curtain clings to you when you take a shower? I have found that magnets provide a classy solution for this problem.
Materials needed
  • 5 disc magnets S-10-10-N
  • 5 iron clasps
  • Transparent silicone
  • Pencil
  • Power drill with a 10 mm drill
  • Hoover
  • A wet cloth
  • A few cotton swabs
  • Pliers
1. With a pencil mark the size of the shower curtain around the drain on the floor. Make sure the line follows the grooves between tiles.
2. Drill five 10 mm deep and 10 mm wide holes in the grooves with the power drill.
3. Use cotton swabs to distribute a thin layer of silicone in all holes.
4. Place a disc magnet into each hole; spread silicone on the upper side. Let the silicone dry well.
5. With the pliers attach the five iron clasps at the right places on the bottom side of the shower curtain.
6. Span the shower curtain by attaching the clasps to the magnets on the floor.
Finally a clean solution - the shower curtain stays where it should and doesn't cling to your body. Plus, there is less flooding in the bathroom, because the shower curtain is pulled down firmly.
After the shower, the curtain can be moved out of the way again. The magnets in the floor are barely visible. To better protect them from wetness, paint over them with paint that matches the colour of the grooves.
Note from the supermagnete team: Our magnets are actually not suitable for use in wet surroundings - protect the magnets from rust at least with a coat of paint or use waterproof magnets (links below).