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Fastener for spray painting

Simple fixation of iron pieces that are being worked on
Author: A.M., Nordsachsen, Germany
Online since: 09/08/2010, Number of visits: 200255
Right after receiving your magnets I built a fixture for spray painting small iron fittings, which works great.
These fixtures each consist of a simple wood strip, in which I drilled holes of 5 mm diameter and 9,5 mm depth.
In each of those drill holes I inserted a S-05-10-N rod magnet. Then I covered the entire magnetic strip with a transparent adhesive tape. I used a total of 100 magnets.
The adhesive tape prevents the magnets from being spray painted and they remain discreetly visible.
After several rounds of spray painting or when you switch colours, you can simply take off the adhesive tape and replace it with a new one.
The spray painting of the fittings was successful: The iron pieces stayed in place thanks to the magnets and could therefore be spray painted evenly!