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Exercise for guinea pigs

Flexible and easily assembled exercise space
Author: Beat Seitz, Widnau, Switzerland
Online since: 05/09/2011, Number of visits: 294054
I couldn't find a suitable exercise cage for my guinea pigs anywhere.
It should be flexible, quickly to assemble and dissemble, easy to transport, expandable, secure and also visually attractive.
Hence, I built 8 identical elements that can be combined and held together by 4 magnets respectively.
I used 18 mm thick untreated spruce glulam panels.
I cut mouldings from these panels and milled a 2 mm deep groove for the grate. Then, I milled the cavities for the overlapping ends and drilled holes for the magnets.
Now, I just had to cut the grate into shape and put the elements together and glue them.
Finally, I glued four S-08-08-N disc magnets per element with araldite into the drill holes. Here, I had to pay attention to the correct polarity of the magnets.
This simple connection of the elements allows for easy assembling and dissembling for cleaning. Also, when the little rodents went on vacation, the cage was very easy to transport. It can be altered and extended whenever necessary.
Using the same connection system, other elements can be added, like a walk-through, a hideout, a hayrack, etc. Like when playing with Legos, there are not limits for your imagination.
The 8 mouldings, stacked on top of each other to safe space.
The 8 mouldings, stacked on top of each other to safe space.
Note from the supermagnete team: A similar small animal compound can be seen in our application Rabbit playpen.