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Decorative Scrabble

Clever wall decoration
Author: Paul Segerink, Enschede, Netherlands, [email protected]
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What to do with the magnets??

After I heard about your super-strong magnets, I kept thinking about ways to use them. The answer came by way of a game I always loved playing: Scrabble.

My own wooden Scrabble

But what should the game look like? My first decision was to give the game a natural wood look. Therefore, I needed a wooden frame and wooden squares for the letters. The frame measures 15 x 15 cm, resulting in a quantity of 255 magnets. 32 magnets were added for the 4 letter trays. To make sure I wouldn’t run out of magnets halfway through the project, I ordered 300 disc magnets S-04-1.5-N all at once.

Decoration and game all in one

In the picture, you can see a finished game of Scrabble that was hung on the wall. Thanks to the magnets, I now have a "dynamic" wall decoration that changes its look with every game. By the way, one advantage is that you can also play the game in the car. The letter trays are particularly practical for that. But please keep in mind that this game is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Note from the supermagnete team:
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