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Crocheting a leaf

A crocheted leaf "sprouts" thanks to a rod magnet made of metallic surfaces
Author: Stine Sonne, Kopenhagen, Denmark
Online since: 01/03/2011, Number of visits: 111874
Stine from Denmark crochets such funny yarn leaves. She works a rod magnet into them, so the leaves stick to metal surfaces and seemingly "sprout" from the desk lamp.
The exact directions can be found in the adjacent pdf (only in English).

Japanese crochet animal

Addition from Sheila Cereghetti (CH): Sheila employed a special Japanese crochet technique to make little pieces called "Amigurumi".
Using this technique, she crocheted an orange kitsune, a Japanese red fox.
While crocheting, Sheila had the idea to hang the little fox on the fridge as decoration. Hence, she crocheted a disc magnet 10 x 3 mm into the tail of the animal.
We don't recommend using an even stronger magnets, since the animal could be damaged when you try to remove it from the fridge.

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