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Covering of halogen spot lights

Thanks to this covering, a room gets a special flair
Author: Bastiaan Maalman, Heemskerk, Netherlands, [email protected]
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With this cover, Mr. Maalman created a unique lighting with special flair in his bathroom.
He used the following items:
  • 2 halogen spot lights
  • 2 energy-efficient lamps
  • a big MDF board, at least 2 cm thick
  • 9 countersunk pot magnets
  • 9 bent steel beams with drilled holes
First, Mr. Maalman mounted the spots in the desired position on the ceiling. He placed the energy-efficient lamps that should illuminate the board edges more to the side.
Then he cut the MDF board to the right size (on each side a few centimeters shorter than the ceiling). He sawed round holes for the halogen spot lights.
Then he mounted 9 bent steel beams with screws to the ceiling.
In nine places he screwed a countersunk pot magnet with a diameter of 25 mm to the board. He put the rings in the same position as the steel beams on the ceiling (see graph).
The computer graphics show where the screws are attached.
The computer graphics show where the screws are attached.
Slanted view from above
Slanted view from above
At last, he could stick the board with magnets onto the steel beams.
Thanks to its many magnets the board is secured to the beams.
This construction has various advantages:
  • It doesn't cost much (cheap material)
  • It can be removed easily
  • The light is not totally shielded; at the edges the light shines through