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Cleaning bottle and hydration pack

Simple cleaning of hard-to-reach places
Author: Stefan, Herzogenaurach, Germany
Online since: 04/02/2011, Number of visits: 268037
I had the spontaneous idea to use your magnets for cleaning a pretty vinegar bottle. My wife wanted to reuse the bottle, but the bottleneck was too narrow for a bottle brush.
I wrapped a small rod magnet S-06-13-N in a small piece of sponge cloth and secured it with one of the Cable ties 200 mm. Then I trimmed the little package so that it would go in through the tight bottleneck, and more importantly, also come back out again.
A GIANT (or another similarly strong magnet) can move the cloth from the outside and clean the bottle on the inside. Depending on how dirty it is, you can also add water or washing-up fluid. Turning the block also turns the magnet inside, so its long side sticks to the glass and it won't get caught in the bottle neck.
Since you have this little "magnetic wash cloth" already, you can use it, for instance, to clean the bladder of your hydration pack. To avoid damaging it, you should carefully cut the end of the cable tie and use a magnetic sphere instead of the block. I chose a K-19-C sphere for my hydration pack.
Notes from the supermagnete team: