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Catching bore chips

Bore chips cling to the magnet - and to nothing else
Author: Jose R. Montes, Alcorcón, Spain
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When drilling iron, filings quickly become a problem - they fly around everywhere and can get into your eyes, which is very dangerous.
But if you place a super magnet right next to it, it attracts all filings.
In the picture: A S-10-10-N disc magnet covered in filings.
For better viewing I didn't wrap the magnets. I recommend, however, wrapping magnets in paper or plastic, which makes it easier to remove filings later.
In the picture: A R-27-16-05-N ring magnet covered in filings.
Note from the supermagnete team: If iron filings stick to magnet too strongly, we recommend application Remove iron filings from magnets.

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