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Carrying case for fantasy miniatures

Safe and easy transportation of delicate model figurines
Author: Muru Danilo, Torino, [email protected]
Online since: 04/08/2010, Number of visits: 382445
Many players are familiar with the following problem: You often have to transport your fantasy miniatures to different places when participating in games. The miniatures are very delicate and need to be well protected.
A common solution is a carrying case with foam material inside. For that purpose, you have to cut the shapes of the miniatures into the foam. When you have a lot of miniatures (I own over 200 pieces) this becomes very tedious work. One day I had the idea of using magnets.
After a few trials I realized that your S-05-02-N52N disc magnets are perfectly suitable for securing small and light plastic miniatures on an iron transportation plate. The magnets are small enough to be attached to the bottom side of the pedestal.
You'll need 2-4 magnets of the same type for larger and heavier miniatures made of lead and other metals.
You can use the strong UHU MAX REPAIR to glue the magnets to the pedestal.
As an alternative, you can make decorative plates and attach the miniatures on them, so they can be integrated into the game. You can use an sheet iron for that purpose, glue it on a plate and decorate it with granulate and other material.
Now you can place the miniatures with the magnets on the plate and move them around.
If you use strong enough magnets, you can put the plate with the miniatures on it in the carrying case and the miniatures won't get out of place (see picture down below).
The carrying case comes from a home improvement store. They have affordable cases in all sizes. You cover the inside of the case with thin sheet iron. In narrow places, you can glue metal tape.
That's how you can fasten the miniatures quick and easy in the carrying case.
A carrying case filled to the brim with fantasy miniatures
A carrying case filled to the brim with fantasy miniatures
The prepared miniatures can also conquer the refrigerator :-)
The prepared miniatures can also conquer the refrigerator :-)

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