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Attach a cat net without drilling

Preventing cats from falling off the balcony
Author: Jens Körner, Neckarsulm, Germany
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Cat lovers who rent know this very well: The balcony door needs to remain shut, so the little darling won't fall off. Landlords mostly prohibit the use of cat nets for two reasons:
1. It may affect the visual appearance of the residential building.
2. Attaching a cat net requires "structural changes" (drilling).
But there is another way! You could present your landlord with the following arguments:
1. A transparent cat net from the pet shop is barely visible from the outside and from the balcony (see picture).
2. You can attach the cat net without drilling if your balcony railing is iron. In that case, you can use magnetic hooks to attach the net.
In my case, I simply used 10 magnetic hooks FTN-25 for the installation. Five hooks were attached to the balustrade of the balcony above (see picture above) and the remaining 5 to the railing of my own balcony.
Tip: Secure the hooks on the metal with matching rubber caps PAR-26. This ensures a better adhesion in all directions and the hooks won't shift. In addition, the metal will be protected from scratches.
The cat will be happy that it is finally allowed to go back out on the balcony without the risk of falling or injuring itself. It's a win-win for all involved - cat, cat lover and even landlord!
P.S.: The building superintendent checked out my solution for the cat net and liked it so much that he is telling other cat lovers with the same problem about it.
P.P.S.: We had two hurricane-like storms lately that broke big branches off trees and even uprooted whole trees. I am happy to report that the cat net has survived the storms undamaged!
Safe cat thanks to a cat net
No more falling hazard for the cat
Note from the supermagnete team:
The magnetic hooks used for this project are magnets designed for dry indoor use. During extended outdoor use, moisture will damage the coating of the neodymium magnets. Rust then forms on the magnets, causing them to break or individual pieces to break off. Sooner or later, the neodymium magnets will lose their magnetisation when used outdoors.
A good alternative are ferrite pot magnets in combination with screw hooks. Ferrite magnets are not susceptible to moisture and will retain their magnetic force. Over time, a light rust film may develop on the metal pots, but that does not affect the function of the magnets.