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3D printed soap mould

The mould holds together thanks to magnets
Author: Raphael Vogel, Effretikon, Switzerland
Online since: 21/06/2021, Number of visits: 15737
In my spare time, I made soaps that had the logo of my painting business ‘5 Sterne Maler’ (5-star painter) on them. These custom soaps are a great gift for my customers. Conveniently, I also made the soap mould for these homemade soaps myself, using my 3D printer.
The mould for the soap consists of three parts. The desired motif is on the square plate; in my case, the logo of my painting business. Two other parts give the soap its shape. To hold all the parts together, I used a total of 16 disc magnets type S-05-02-N40N. Four magnets are embedded in each part – except for the middle part, where eight magnets are needed. I designed almost perfectly fitting recesses for the magnets in the individual parts of the soap mould.
After the soap mould has been printed, the magnets can be glued in without any problems. Depending on how precise the recess is, the magnets may hold on their own. When inserting the magnets, you have to pay close attention so that they don’t inadvertently repel each other. You can marvel at the results of my labour in the photos below or the picture gallery of my website.